In Development

Who Killed My Daughter? is a three part documentary miniseries that draws from Lois Duncan’s two, masterfully written, nonfiction books that chronicle her search for her daughter’s killer. Told through gripping first person accounts, we find a mother who takes up her pen as weapon.  Lois’ obsessive quest for the truth takes her into the underworld of Vietnamese gangs that stretched across three states.  It leads her into the shadowy world of rogue Albuquerque cops and a group of psychics who always seem to get it right.  And it sends her on a eye-opening odyssey into her daughter’s secret life.

We The Voters

Find our film Mediaocracy at We The Voters, a social impact campaign to inspire and activate milennials by demystifying important elements of our democracy and the election process. Interconnecting 20 viral short films and an array of digital extensions over multiple platforms, the campaign's goal is to motivate young Americans to seize the power to vote, encouraging them to make informed choices and to understand the stakes in this election.