The Military Channel, 2009


A deeply personal documentary that reveals the power of the human-animal bond to comfort, heal and inspire the best in people at the worst of times, No Dog Left behind tells the story of how dogs rescued by soldiers in Iraq helped them find their humanity in demoralizing conditions. Combining extraordinary video provided by the soldiers themselves and original footage shot on their return to the U.S., the film is a poignant portrait of the enduring friendships forged in wartime between four military men and women and the dogs who seemed to arrive at especially painful and vulnerable moments. Battling military prohibitions and all but impossible odds, these soldiers and Marines found ingenious ways to bring their canine battle buddies home to safety in the U.S. with the help of a determined rescuer - fighting not just for their animals' lives, but for their own.





No Dog Left Behind Debuts on Military Channel
TV’s ‘No Dog Left Behind’ Follows Rescued War dogs on Journey to U.S.

No Dog Left Behind