Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq

HBO, 2007


Ten soldiers who suffered near fatal injuries in the Iraq war discuss their experiences with actor James Gandolfini.  Their first-person stories are augmented by from cameras in the vehicles of the soldiers, as well as disturbing video of IED bombings released by insurgents. The soldiers personal videos and harrowing footage from the war-torn streets of Iraq paint a picture of young lives forever rewritten.

"Everybody makes a big deal about your 'Alive Day', especially at Walter Reed," comments one of the interviewees, Sgt. Bryan Anderson. "And I can see their point, that you'd want to celebrate something like that. But from my point of view, it's like, 'OK, we're sitting here celebrating the worst day of my life. Great, let's just remind me of that every year.”

First Lt. Dawn Halfaker says, "I think people come away from the war wanting to feel that they made a difference, wanting to feel like their sacrifice, or their time or their energy, was worth it. War is horrible. I don't like the sounds associated with it, the smells I associate with it. But I'm glad I did it."




PRIMETIME Emmy®  AWARD - Outstanding Nonfiction Special - nominee

Television Critics Association Award: Outstanding Achievement in News & Information - nominee


The New York Post
“James Gandolfini’s HBO documentary Sunday night, “Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq,” is definitely the most memorable and important TV event of the year.”

The Wall Street Journal
"Alive Day Memories" is an extraordinary program about extraordinary people.”

The Chicago Tribune
“Forget those calls for a "Sopranos" movie: I'd rather see an "Alive Day Memories" sequel.”


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